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Tamariki Poerani – New show : Te Ora – The story – Tamariki Poerani

Tamariki Poerani – New show : Te Ora – The story

In the time of secret memories, before the dawn of the world as we know it, lived the Light Beings. Filled with prime vital energy, they moved in universes and dreams they created. But due to their immutable nature, they never evolved and tended to disappear. This is how Kio , universal being, began to observe more closely their creations. The suns surprised him by their power, the stars by their radiance, the nebulas by their warm or cold colors and most of all the planets by their diversity.
Kio was discovering the majesty of the universe all over again. Touched by this unknown feeling, he wanted to share it, but found no echo around him. He had become different from his universal brothers and sisters and found himself to be alone for the first time. He looked for them for the longest time and much further than the worlds they knew. Sometimes a vibration showed him they were near, but a veil of silence separated them. So he kept on traveling until one day he couldn’t feel anything. He had arrived in a universe of emptiness, a legend to him and his siblings. He then opened his heart and beheld the planet that was there. « Blue » was his first thought, and the colors became more intense. He stopped the flow of his thoughts at once, seized by the reaction of the energy around him. Cautiously, he took form and started down towards that planet. He flew over it and looked for the source of the emptiness. He understood that everything was alive but without harmony, without music, hence the silence and the emptiness.
Wistfully, he looked at the ground and touched the dust: « Hearth! Sing for me! Tell me who you are! »
In a deep staccato the hearth came forth to Kio and, proud to be the first to be called, she told him of her mountains, her valleys and trees. Strength was her music. At the end of the dance of the earth, Kio began to hear a note coming from inside him, from his « ta’ata ». The note was very quiet but already intense.
He was amazed. He turned to the liquid sky and prayed for him to reveal his melodies: « Come, dance, fill my silences! » A light drizzle wet Kio’s face, the rivers became agitated, the ocean’s waves came breaking on the shores of the earth. « Kio, she whispered, listen to my voices. I am a source of abundance for the earth. I clean and feed the trees. Give me the power of life. » Moved by her words, he abandoned himself to the deep and nostalgic music of the water. Rather surprised, he realized that combined singing of the earth and water reminded him of the vibrations of his lost brothers and sisters.
Turning up his head he looked at the sky and softly said: « light and joyful, visible and invisible, Mata’i is your name! Dance and laugh for us! » New scents began tickling his senses. He closed his eyes and listened: « I laugh and sing. I slip in the valleys, skim the waves, dance with the rain and carry the seeds over the earth. My melody is joy. » Smiling he felt himself vibrating to these songs of life.
Memories inspired him. He had to find the last element.
He brushed the clouds aside and searched the earth’s womb. The « Hara » came from the storm, struck the trees and took form. « Fire is my name, I am power and vitality. I destroy and transform what must die. I make rebirth possible. Listen to my soul. »
Kio was laughing and singing, he felt the divine flow vibrating inside of him.
He played with the elements to find the ultimate note but it kept escaping him. Then came a moment when he began to realize his singing had become richer and more acute.
« we heard your calling. We have been looking for this vibration for thousands of years. » His brother « Râ » and his sister « Hina » had joined him. « Allow us to merge with you and let the magic of life do its work ». United in a sparkle, Kio (creative inspiration), Hina (the moon ) and Râ (the sun) danced and sang. Soon their mixed voices began an intense and poignant song. Carried away, the elements joined in the melody.
At the end, all were silent. Their « Mana » had created a palpable being of flesh and blood. They took a few steps back to observe that magnificent creature. It opened its eyes and moved its limbs. Smooth and sleek, it got up and walked. It breathed and spoke: « I am Rua, divine inspiration. I have the strength of the earth, the emotion of the water, the joy of the air, the vitality of the fire. I am the feminine principle, the masculine principle, the divine principle. I am all things and I am emptiness. I have the power to give life.

Chef de groupe & chorégraphie : Makau Foster Delcuvellerie
Translation : Eric Delcuvellerie
Photos : TNTV


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