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Kohai au 1er Heiva i Taiwan – Tamariki Poerani

Kohai au 1er Heiva i Taiwan

Kohai était l’invité de Kumu Walis au Heiva i Taiwan… Photos !

Heiva I Taiwan 2015 is finished. I want to thank to tatie Makau for your support to make this event happened.
When I asked you if we can do a ori Tahiti competition in Taiwan. You said to me, « Yes, Kumu do it! »
And when we faced problems don’t know where to start, you advised us.
Even you are so busy, you still take time to answer my questuons.
I can’t wait to see you???? and said thank you to you in person.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and help us.

Eva Hsiehh Zing Chengg


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